About Us

Being a mother of two daughters, a sister to my only brother, and an aunt to mostly nieces, the announcement that my first grandchild would be a boy was the happiest day since the birth of my own children.  I was excited to do what grandmothers do – SHOP!  The shock/disappointment I felt when trying to fulfil my responsibility as a grandmother…I’ll just say was heartbreaking.  I was accustomed to endless shopping outlets, racks upon racks and in some cases entire stores for my daughters. Out of desperation – Just Him was born. Our goal is to provide the little guys with edgy, fun, classic fashion options and accessories and even those hard to find items all in one spot.  Welcome to Just Him!  We have partnered with some amazing vendors that share our passion for well-made high quality items.  We are excited you are here and hope you continue to follow us on this journey of creating the perfect little man through fashion.